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Igor  Poegatsjov

Export services

Have you selected your vehicle? What now? S-Trucks supports you from transport up to custom clearing and everything in-between. Our service-oriented employees are always happy to tell you more about our following services.


We organize the transport of your used trucks, semi-trailers and other vehicles from door to door. Please rely on our experience and our extensive network of certified transporters and drivers. We take the purchased vehicles from various European harbours or other locations and/or bring them to these destinations, at very competitive rates.


A lot comes into play in shipping a truck or another vehicle. We guide each vehicle through the registration process and in the import from or the export to every country in the world. Together with specialised shipping agents and companies, we keep track of ‘your’ vehicle and know exactly when it will be delivered and where. We have all the knowledge about shipping possibilities. Back to the top


During transport, your vehicle has only a vehicle registration certificate and it is not automatically insured. We conclude temporary transport insurance for you in no time. Standard, this is valid for five days, which is long enough. But we can also insure your vehicle for a longer period. We are familiar with all the options and rates.Back to the top

Export number plate

If you bring your vehicle to the destination yourself, you should have an export number plate. We organise this for you very quickly: inform us on time about the application for an export number plate and the license plate will be available before you come to pick up the vehicle. Back to the top

Certified by the National Department of Road Traffic (Dutch: RDW)

Whoever purchases or sells a vehicle, should change the registered name (part 1B of the vehicle registration certificate). Thanks to our RDW certification, we are allowed – in case of export – to list a vehicle immediately in our company stock, to change the name on the license to the name of the new owner, and to terminate your registration at the RDW. Back to the top

Custom clearing

Several custom documents are needed when transporting trucks, trailers and other vehicles, for example, an EX1 document (an export declaration) in case of exporting your vehicle to a country outside the EU. We are in direct contact with the Customs Administration and know all import/export restrictions and regulations. Back to the top